How To Earn Money With Youtube Live Streaming

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? Do you have a passion for video content, and want to start earning money from your videos overnight? If so, YouTube Live streaming might be the perfect solution for you! YouTube Live streaming is a great way to share your content with the world, and it’s also an extremely popular way to make money. In this article, we’ll show you how to get started with YouTube Live streaming, and how to start earning money from your videos.

How to Make Money Live Streaming in 2022 – 6 Best Ways

Here are six legit ways to make money from your videos.

Fast and Easy: Simply place a link promoting an Amazon widget on the video, send people over there directly from the Facebook Page located in the sidebar of your channel about live streaming for extra commissions ( YT rep). Additionally you can use Google Ads as well to keep more $$ in pocket if audience generate high revenue during broadcast date period. Fast but for sure WAY MORE EXPENSIVE methods could be paid ads that would work well only for actual live streamers and those with big audiences.

Create And Sell Your Own Branded Products

If you really want to make some money from your videos, and don’t have time for editing, this is one of the suggestions I would suggest. You can create branded products that focus on entertaining kids or young people (e.g., lightsaber blocks -for boys!) and then sell those through online marketplaces like Etsy . Theoretically getting about $10-15 per product could be an option depending on how many units are sold via these sites . As long as you don’t use copyrighted or trademarked materials in your products, this is a pretty legit way to make money. One thing I would recommend is using an e-commerce site like Shopify that allows selling product directly through the actual Youtube videos. 

Run A Live Stream Event / Go LIVE on Twitch

A lot of people date ditch their schedules and work around watching at least one live stream per night to watch what others are doing.  If you do this it’s always best to have live stream ready as much as possible even if your YT channel is not Twitch enabled or has a smaller audience base, some people are just sick of watching silo organized live streams and prefer something different from the norm.

Find A Stream Sponsor (Avg. Depends On CPM)

Unfortunately this is not really a viable method of earning money from live stream business since it would require you to be apart of an established YT channel with thousands/billions page views. This means that your ability to negotiate CPM for sponsored videos (i.e., “channels”) basically determines if and when someone will pay you at all! So the chances are pretty slim, but the possibility exists enough so I thought it’s worthy mentioning here . Basically you can always do this by being on a “realistic” live stream or even just hanging out after the event and engaging with your fellow viewers. You could also tweet to influencers that have been invited as guests over at Twitch (e.g., Ninja, Dr Disrespect…etc.)

Join An Affiliate Scheme

The last option is to join an affiliate scheme after your channel has gained some traction.

Though this really depends on how much traffic you can build and how big the brand agreements are for affiliates, which would have a direct correlation with earning potential derived from it!  Another thing about this method of monetization I will mention here is that Youtubers rarely make commissions because there isn’t any in place at all when they first start out. Basically they have to sign up and start earning commissions, which can be exceptionally difficult even after you move forward in your channel. If most Youtubers will tell you that joining an affiliate scheme is not really for me because I don’t intend on being a big “draw” why would established influencers want to associate themselves with someone like that?

Brand deals and sponsorships

The great thing about brand agreements is that they actually attract brands in as opposed to influencers who have built/managed their channel themselves. So this could definitely be an option worth exploring, but you will still need a lot of traffic for sponsorship opportunities to arise. Brand deals usually pay not only in terms of ad revenue generated by the aforementioned ads (aka: “monetization”) , but also prominence and access involved in those events .

For more content creators like myself, the most important thing is to ask yourself these 3 questions (which we will be doing more of in Part II)

Nope. Do I have a specific niche? Let’s elaborate on this question with another one: NOPE* How do I build out that channel back into following individuals who don’t subscribe yet, but are likely and are my fans/fans of those content creators who posted earlier on in the year ?

Nope. Do I know enough about the brand that I can make pitchable announcements? Does it align with my audience’s value proposition/value offering ?

Revenue from ads

You may have noticed that whilst reading this post’s introduction to content marketing, the revenue from ads was raised. This is because I want you to get hold of your audience as soon as possible, and if there were ever anything I’ve learnt about “isn’t now a good time for everyone?” then it would be how many new people forgot the password on their accounts or properly locked out by turning off notifications in order not to miss one single thing with regard to what you do.

I would like everything in life and I am constantly trying to find ways around the issue of not making any revenue at all due them keeping online accounts open, yet having nothing on it but dead links and something that makes my blog look pretty – basically nonsense. So with this in mind as well here are some spectacular content marketing example which utilise the power of a good brand agreement:

On Facebook there is a group called “Finsbury Park Cemetery – London”. It’s a user-generated group where people commonly post, and it seamlessly works over other groups in Facebook. They are also very transparent with information as you can see from this post . My point isn’t to highlight their content marketing techniques but instead how they use the power of brand across multiple platforms; a lot like some who I’ve mentioned above!

But seriously though…How does this connect , it all relates back to the brand. This Facebook group is an identifiable name for Finsbury Park Cemetery and everyone knows who you are when your posts (“insert whatever you’ve got”) resonate with people’s inboxes.

Many people use Youtube as a platform to share their thoughts, videos, and music with the world. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a following that supports their content monetization efforts. In this blog post, we will show you how you can start monetizing your youtube live streaming by sharing the best tips and tricks for earning money through your streams. Remember, the more viewers you can bring in, the more money you can make! Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about monetizing your youtube live streaming.

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